by Michael Peek

A bash script to extract URLs and download data from them a set number of times, in an effort to waste a spammer's bandwidth.


Spammergrok is a simple bash script that will take URLs on the command line, from one or more files, or extract them from one or more files containing a single email message each (via ripmime). Spammergrok will then proceed to download data from these URLs a set number of times (via wget) in an effort to waste a spammer's bandwidth.


  • Autoconf configuration and installation of the spammergrok script
  • User configuration of operational parameters via resource file
  • Sane default values, with user-overrides via resource file (updated/expanded soon)
  • Configurable limitations on download speed and number of download iterations to prevent spammergrok from overpowering a host
  • Ability to download in the background
  • Logging of actions and results, with automatic compression of log files when completed (coming soon), and automatic removal of old log files after a configurable amount of time (coming soon)
  • Spam mail or URLs may be piped to spammergrok, given on the command line, or given in one or more files (one email message per file)


  • Bash shell environment
  • Ripmime for email extraction
  • Wget for downloading


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